Resources for Teachers


Boreal Caribou in the NWT Science Poster

Nahanni Mountain Caribou Poster

Nahanni Bats Poster (links to Experiential Science 10 curriculum)


Nahanni Watershed

Video: 2016 South Nahanni Watershed Conservation & Development Primer 

Prairie Creek Mine Info Sheet 2014

Cantung Mine Info Sheet 2014

Naats'ihch'oh Info Sheet 2014

Parks Canada Walking Tour of Nahanni Butte


Boreal Woodland Caribou


Caribou & You

Another Slow Year for Caribou Conservation 2016 Caribou Report

Population Critical: How are caribou faring? 2013 Caribou Report

Looking for Action: Caribou Losing Ground 2014 Caribou Report

Proposed federal Recovery Strategy for Boreal Woodland Caribou


NWT Action and Implementation Plans for Boreal Woodland Caribou Conservation

Woodland caribou in the NWT

Boreal Caribou NWT Species Status Report


Species at Risk

NWT Species At Risk


Parks and Protected Areas

National Parks and National Historic Sites in the NWT

NWT Protected Areas Strategy

National Wildlife Areas in the NWT


Regional Land Use Planning

Sahtu Land Use Planning Board

Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board

Dehcho Land Use Planning Committee


Photo by Stefan Goodman