Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers with an active interest in NWT conservation issues. The Board meets monthly to set strategic priorities and guide the organization; members may take on additional projects as they come up.

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Leslie Wakelyn has lived and worked in the NWT for over 30 years, and is one of our founding Board members. She has been volunteering for CPAWS-NWT since our beginnings in 1996.  From 2000 – 2007 she represented our chapter on the National CPAWS Board, bringing NWT conservation concerns to the national level. What has kept her working for CPAWS all these years is all the fantastic people associated with the organization across the country.

Leslie has worked as a wildlife biologist for a variety of government and non-government organizations, including a multi-jurisdictional caribou co-management board, from which she has learned much about the vital relationships between northern peoples, lands, waters and wildlife. Her favorite northern activities include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, wildlife-watching and dog-walking in the boreal forest and taiga of southern NWT. She is also keen to experience other wild spaces elsewhere in the world whenever possible.

Antje Rilk -  While visiting from Germany in 2011, Antje was on a quest to find out more about Thaidene Nene and how she could get involved to support the proposed National Park Reserve. She walked into our office and has been a volunteer for CPAWS-NWT ever since. After that summer spent on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake and finishing her Geography BSc degree at the University of Freiburg, Germany, her only thought was to move to the NWT; she has lived full-time in Yellowknife since 2013, and became a board member in March 2015. After working for a lodge outside of Yellowknife, forest fire fighting in the summer, and helping with the construction of Yellowknife's Snowcastle, Antje is currently working on the establishment of her own business as a travel advisor for sustainable tourism in the America's and around the world. For CPAWS-NWT she is now working as the chapter’s event and volunteer coordinator and you will continue to see her volunteering at CPAWS-NWT public events.

Remi Gervais - Remi worked in the renewable energy field for the last seven years in multiple different roles. Manager in a renewable energy cooperative, Community energy planner and Energy Policy Analyst were some of these roles. While his education is in Finance, renewable energy and preserving the environment has always been of interest to him. He also has some board experience, having been on the board of the CDETNO and the Northwestern New-Brunswick Bike Trail Association, in his home province. Now calling the North his home for eight years, he looks forward to working with CPAWS volunteers and enthusiasts to advance the conservation cause in the NWT.

Alex Borowiecki -  A childhood spent with her nose buried in books about exploration in the north has lead Alex on a  long journey to now being a board member for CPAWS – NWT.   Alex has always been interested in northern explorers, and this led to an infatuation with the lives of indigenous people of the north and their cultural link to the land.  This then prompted an interest in the study of landscape architecture and environmental work.  With this came work and travel in the long adored prairies and northern Canada.  This work included planning and design for larger parks ranging from Gwich’in Territorial Park in the Western Arctic to Twin Falls Gorge Park in the South Slave region and Hidden Lake Park, for community parks, campgrounds and hiking trails, for historic sites and parks throughout the NWT.  Ultimately the magic of the north speaks to Alex on her little plot of  land, rock and trees overlooking Great Slave Lake.

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Photo by Mike Palmer