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Conservation at Home

Canada’s boreal forest represents 25 per cent of the planet’s remaining intact forest. This forest is quite an amazing place; more than 300 species and billions of birds rely on Canada’s boreal forest as critical habitat and a safe place to have their young. In this way, the boreal forest supports a huge variety of birds whether they are migratory, coming from as far as South America, or residents of Canada year round.

CPAWS-NWT collaborates on a number of large scale conservation initiatives that protect the boreal  forest. In doing this we are working to secure habitat for birds and the many other species that use the same habitats.  Bird protection efforts are also extremely important where each of us live, there are many small, yet significant things you can do to help  boreal birds thrive from your own home. It is each of our responsibility to ensure a future for our boreal birds!

1. Boreal Songbird Initiative

Conservation at Home

Protect Birds From Far and Wide In Your Own Back Yard

Conservation at Home

Protecting boreal birds in action!

Send us photos of birds you’ve spotted or how you’ve made your home bird safe and we’ll share them here. We can also connect you with other Boreal Bird participants! Contact:

For more at home learning check out the CPAWS Bring Nature Home Toolkit. It’s a free toolkit designed to help K-12 students engage in nature-based activities from home.