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Healthy Land, Healthy People Survey

The Government of the Northwest Territories Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (ENR) is seeking public input to inform the renewal of the Healthy Land, Healthy People Action Plan in 2021.

The GNWT’s work plan and approach to conservation planning is described in Healthy Land, Healthy People: GNWT’s Priorities for Advancement of Conservation Network Planning 2016-2021.

Why Participate? 

The survey will inform future GNWT conservation planning. Comments received through this public engagement period will be taken into consideration during the drafting of the next Healthy Land, Healthy People work plan. The GNWT will invite the public to provide further comment on their draft work plan.

How to Participate?

The deadline to provide feedback is February 8, 2021. You can find the survey here:

For consideration when you comment, CPAWS-NWT supports:

  • Concluding the planning and decision making for existing candidate areas
  • Developing a renewed strategy for conservation network planning in partnership with Indigenous governments and organizations and other planning partners
  • All of the Key Principles of the Protected Areas Act described in the survey
  • Conservation Partnerships should also include NGO’s and philanthropic contributors! They explicitly included industry, academia, etc. but forgot about our sector, so please add!
  • That a healthy conservation network must have ecological connectivity between protected and conserved areas. Guardian programs, monitoring and conservation compatible local economies can contribute positively to the network

Other suggestions for the empty comment boxes:

  • The document must have flexibility to allow for future protected area considerations
  • Protected areas are a natural solution to climate change – also consider protecting areas with high carbon value
  • Pursue opportunities that leverage economic valuation and investment based on protecting carbon and nature in the NWT

The survey is easy, should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and will be available on the ENR website- until February 8th, 2021.