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Łue Túé Sulái

Łue Túé Sulái, also known as Five Fish Lakes, is a candidate protected area located in the Dehcho Region close to Jean Marie River and is 180 km2. It includes Ezáa Łue Túe (Ekali Lake), Tł’onie Túé (Sanguez Lake), Tłįtętįį (Gargan Lake), Dechį Náʔa (Deep Lake) and Tthets’éhk’e’ (McGill Lake). The area is temporarily protected through the Dehcho region interim land withdrawal as part of the ongoing land, resources, and self-government agreement. It is proposed as a protected area to maintain cultural and historic values for the Jean Marie River First Nation and the Dehcho Region. There are many important archeological sites such as burial grounds, camps, and traditional trails. The lakes provide important freshwater and terrestrial habitat for wildlife, and also are an important area for medicinal plants.