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Protected Area Recommendations for the NWT

In the recent CPAWS Annual Report, CPAWS NWT recommended the following eight protected area actions for the territory.

1. Complete territorial protected areas legislation that supports the establishment of Indigenous and co-managed protected areas and meets international standards for protection

Read our recent letter to the NWT Legislative Assembly.

2. Complete Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve and Territorial Protected Area

Read more about our work on Thaidene Nene.

3. Complete designation of Edéhzhíe National Wildlife Area with full surface and subsurface protection, and co-managed with the Dehcho First Nations


4. Complete and implement the Dehcho Land Use Plan which would protect approximately 50{3bcc7aff9bc868b3ef8dc6937496422aa3c1d0b2d34d7f5b5d6ab374e2e0edc2} of the Dehcho region, including the following protected area proposals:

Read more about these candidate protected areas.

5. Advance land use planning in the Akaitcho region


6. Advance conservation network planning by identifying and filling remaining gaps in the protected areas system, and to ensure that the landscape is connected for species migration and adaptation

Read more about Conservation Network Planning.

7. Ensure effective management of protected and conservation areas by supporting on-the-land Indigenous Guardians programs


8. Indigenous and territorial governments should access funding from the new federal Nature Fund to support the above work