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Sambaa K’e

Sambaa K’e is a candidate IPCA in the Dehcho Region. The area ocovers 10,600 km2, near the community of  Trout Lake, and contains the water sources for the Trout River and portions of the headwaters of the Muskeg, Arrowhead, Petitot, Poplar and Redknife Rivers. It is temporarily protected through the Dehcho region interim land withdrawal as part of the ongoing land, resources, and self-government agreement. The Sambaa K’e Dene Band values the area as culturally and ecologically important. The land and water are important for subsistence harvesting and provide habitat for moose, wolverines, waterfowl, and fish such as trout, walleye, pike and artic grayling. It also is home to species at risk such as boreal woodland caribou, olive sided flycatcher, and rusty blackbirds.